Weekly Announcements

Aug 21, 2022

A few quick announcements for this week are as follows:

  1. Students received technology agreements last week. Those need to be returned ASAP so students can be assigned their Chromebook for this school year.
  2. Students that require their Chromebook for use at home need to pay the charger rental fee. This can be purchased on our school store . Just a reminder, students do not need their Chromebooks to use at home if there is a laptop or other device available for homework.
  3. School uniforms are mandatory. The school uniform is an Alee Academy t-shirt, jeans or dress pants, denim or khaki shorts that are appropriate in length. Appropriate length are those that are no more than 3 inches above the knee. All pants and shorts must be solid in color. Camo or other prints are not permitted. Basketball type shorts and leggings are also not permitted to be worn.
  4. Students are expected to arrive to school on time each day. Our school day begins at 7:00 with homeroom. Late check-in times are as follows:
    • Between 7:00 - 7:10, 8:00, 8:50, and 9:45.
    • Students that do not arrive to school before 9:45 will be considered absent and not permitted to check in.
    • Any student that checks in late must wait at the double doors, not in the front office.
    • Parents, if you escort your student to school after an appointment that is outside of the times mentioned, please walk them into to the front office and bring proper documentation to excuse their absence.
  5. Students that need to be picked up because they are sick are expected to be picked up by someone authorized within 30 minutes. Should parents be contacted by the school for disciplinary issues, an authorized person must pick the student up within 30 minutes of the school calling. Students will not be permitted to wait in the office beyond 30 minutes for these types of situations. The school will be forced make other arrangements for your child to leave campus.
  6. Parents, PLEASE be sure that your contact information is updated regularly. Updates can be made through Skyward Family Access . If you do not have Skyward Family Access, please contact Mrs. Thornton in the front office for assistance.

We will host our first blood drive this Wednesday from 7am - 1pm . If you haven’t scheduled an appointment, please do so if you are able. We are excited to show our students what selflessness looks like and how we can help others in need! Please share this with your friends and family. Let’s kick this off with a great turnout!

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday and as always, please reach out to myself, Mrs. Burnett, or Mr. Watt, Alee Academy’s leadership team, if you have any questions or concerns.