Teen Parent Program

The Teenage Parent (TAP) Program is a voluntary student support and assistance program designed to provide a specialized parenting curriculum. The program also coordinates ancillary services to meet the needs of students who are pregnant and students who are mothers or fathers.

This program is available to any student who is currently working towards a high school diploma and can document their pregnancy is eligible for this program. Also, currently enrolled parenting mothers and fathers are eligible when they document the birth of their child. In addition, babies of parents who are enrolled in the Education for Teen Parents (ETP) program or have completed the program may participate.

The Education For Teen Parents program embodies the following concepts:

  • The continuation of a high school education will increase wage-earning opportunities and therefore directly improve the quality of life.
  • The health of pregnant teens and their babies can be greatly improved.
  • The preparation for becoming a responsible parent can be significantly enhanced.
  • The improved health and school-readiness of the children of these students can be attained through child care in a safe, healthy, and stimulating environment.
  • The prevention of a repeat pregnancy during the teen years can positively affect the lives of parents and children and will reduce the drain on welfare programs.

Students may earn a half elective credit in each of the following courses:

  • Health For Expectant Parents
  • Parenting I
  • Parenting II
  • Parenting Skills

The curriculum includes instruction in such topics are prenatal health, labor and delivery, postnatal health, the benefits of sexual abstinence, and the consequences of repeat pregnancies. Parenting skills include instruction in the stages of child growth and development, methods for aiding in the intellectual, language, physical and social development of children, and guidance on constructive play activities.

Ancillary services are coordinated by Teen Parent Resource Teachers with parenting students and their eligible children.

Child Care

Developmentally appropriate child care is provided for eligible children through contracted services with Department of Children and Family Services approved providers.

Health Services

Pre and postnatal health care is provided by the Lake County Public Health Department.

Social Services

Personal and family counseling is available through the school system and the Department of Children and Family Services for eligible students. Other public and private agencies provide material and support when possible.


Bus transportation is provided for all eligible students and their children. Babies must ride in an approved safety seat provided by the parent.

Teen Parent Teachers:

  • Help students cope with being pregnant and becoming a parent.
  • Encourage and support academic achievement and school attendance.
  • Help coordinate social and health services for family.
  • Coordinate transportation and day care for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Deliver the parenting curriculum.


For More information please contact:

Anna Oliphant

Teen Parent Resource Teacher

LCS Cell: (352) 551-0434