Classroom / School Expectations


Now that we have returned face to face only, it’s important that we all agree to follow some basic rules for the good of conversations, to make sure everyone is able to get all the help they need, and to assure a level of seriousness appropriate to the dignity of learning at Alee Academy. Please review the Student Code of Conduct and the Alee Academy Parent / Student Handbook for a full list of expectations. You will also find a welcome video for each of your teachers this school year as well as a copy of the syllabus and pacing guide for every class.

School Expectations:

  • Be on Time: It is important that you are on time to your class meetings. Punctuality is especially important. Because we are working with a blended classroom we need to ensure that everyone is prepared to start classes on time.
  • Wear Proper Attire: Please “dress for success,” as they say. We are expecting students to be in Alee Academy dress code every day. Alee Academy dress code includes Alee T-Shirts and solid colored jeans or khakis. No gym shorts, yoga pants, leggings, or sweat pants are permitted.
  • Cell Phones: All cell phones and electronic devices must be turned in at the door. Alee Academy does not allow students to have cellphones or electronic devices in the classrooms as they are a distraction from their studies.
  • No Backpacks / Pencil Pouches / Purses / ETC…: Due to COVID-19 concerns, we are limiting our interaction with any belongings from home. Students do not need to bring anything to school other than a pen or pencil and feminine products in their pocket. We will not be storing or searching backpacks, pencil pouches, purses, etc. at check-in as we have done in the past out of an abundance of caution. Please do not bring these items to school. Prohibited items may not be left on the bus as the buses will be sanitized between routes and anything left on the buses will be discarded.
  • Be Professional and Respectful in Your Speech: Because we will have a blended face to face and remote learning classroom, the need to monitor conversation is greater than ever. Inappropriate topics and distasteful or vulgar language will not be tolerated. Remember your classes will be recorded by the teacher and other students will be participating live online at all times. Remember to be respectful, orderly, and kind in all your interactions throughout the day.
  • No Side “Conversations”: Side conversations can be very disruptive to the conversation we are trying to have. Please do not engage in such conversations during instruction or when there is an assignment that does not involve collaboration. The teacher will let you know when you are permitted to engage in appropriate, clean, and purposeful conversation throughout the class period.