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For the 2021-2022 school year classes will be held Monday through Thursday. Students are expected to be in attendance each period. Teachers will be providing direct instruction to all students according to their class schedule. Extra assistance and tutoring will be provided by teachers on Fridays from 8am - 12pm by appointment.

Bell Schedule
Monday - Thursday
Homeroom 07:00am - 07:19am
1st Period 07:20am - 08:15am
2nd Period 08:16am - 9:11am
3rd Period 9:12am - 10:07am
4th Period 10:08am - 11:03am
Lunch 11:04am - 11:24am
5th Period 11:24am - 12:20pm
6th Period 12:21pm - 01:16pm
7th Period 01:17pm - 02-12pm
Dismissal 02:12pm - 02-15pm