Weekly Announcements

Feb 04, 2024

Good Evening Fam-Alee! This is Mrs. Emerick with your week at a glance for the week of February 5, 2024.

We have several things happening this week!

On Monday, it’s Make It Happen Monday. Students that pass at least 2 quizzes or tests in ALL of their scheduled Edgenuity classes will receive 2 dress code passes. These passes are good for two, separate “wear what you want, when you want” days. That’s right, if a student presents this pass, they will not be dress coded. They will be able to wear what they want when they want. The only requirement is that the clothing must still be appropriate for school. We will also be pre-ordering pizza on Monday for lunch on Tuesday. Pizza is $2 a slice and we can only accept cash.

Tuesday, is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Day. We are asking students to wear orange.

Wednesday we will welcome a local fitness trainer as our guest for Workforce Wednesday so students and staff should wear their comfy clothes!

Thursday, is our school-wide field trip. Students that have reached the goal of 30% in all scheduled Edgenuity classes with passing grades, will be invited to attend the field trip for free! Students can ride the bus to school like normal, however, we won’t be back to school until around 5:30 p.m. For students that are invited to attend the field trip, we are asking parents to plan and pick their student up at 5:30 p.m. at our school. However, we are working out a plan to drop our students at one designated location in each town to make it a little easier for parents. Students that are eligible for the trip will receive an invitation where transportation details will be provided. Students that are not attending the field trip, are expected to be at school as our buses will run normally and there will still be teachers at school. Student must work in their Edgenuity classes during school hours in order to have an excused absence, if they choose to stay home.

We are so thankful to everyone that helps us make events like this field trip affordable, or free, and we have a lot of upcoming events scheduled so we are having a Spirit Night on Monday, February 19th at the Mt. Dora Tijuana Flats. The spirit night will be from 4pm to 9pm . We hope to raise enough money to help keep our costs for this year’s prom affordable for all students, so be sure to tell the staff at Tijuana Flats you are there for Alee Academy’s Spirit Night , on Monday, February 19th !

Progress reports are available this week, however, I would encourage all parents to look at Edgenuity progress, not FOCUS grades as those grades may not be an accurate reflection of your child’s grades. We will be sending a progress report home with students on Wednesday but if you have questions, please email your child’s teacher directly. Email addresses can be found on our school website .

It is the time of year that we ask all parents and guardians to complete our annual survey. This will come to your email next week and should not take longer than a few minutes. Your feedback is very important and I appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey before the end of this month.

I think that is all for now! Have a great rest of your Sunday.

Mrs. Emerick