Weekly Announcements

Jan 28, 2024

I’ve mentioned the importance of attendance in previous messages, but I need to emphasize how vital student attendance is the next 2 weeks. Parents, I really need your help making sure your kiddos are coming to school everyday, especially these next couple of weeks. We’re all in this together and we all want them to be successful! So, I’ve decided to have a couple of fun food days these next few weeks.

We’ll start with McDonald’s Monday! Students will have an option to purchase either of the following: McDouble & small fry or McChicken & small fry for $5.00 They can add a can of soda, sparkling ice, or gatorade for $1.00.

Tuesday 1.30.24, is lunch from Taco Bell! Students will have a chance to order 2 soft tacos for $5.00 Drinks will be available for an additional $1.00

Wednesday, students can order from Wendys! The choice will be 10 regular or 10 spicy nuggets and a small fry for $8.00

Thursday, is PIZZA DAY! Pepperoni or Cheese available for $2.00 a slice.

We are only able to accept cash so we ask that student bring cash. Orders will be accepted at breakfast and only until 9:30 each day.

Several of our juniors and seniors visited Lake Technical College on Wednesday to learn about the various programs available to them after they graduate. We were lucky to have one our 2022 Alee grads as our Culinary Arts Ambassador!

On Thursday, Lake Sumter State College visited our campus and spoke with some juniors and seniors about the opportunities Lake Sumter has to offer our graduates. They also learned about the Emerging Lakehawks programs that provides College and career guidance AND a free 3 credit hour college course!

It is heart-warming to see their excitement about the future.

Our 11th and 12th grade students will have the chance to take the ASVAB on Wednesday which will help guide them in their career choice. We’re also going to welcome Hutto Janitorial as our guest for Workforce Wednesday. They will be sharing the jobs they do and the journey they’ve taken that has led them to become a successful business in our community..

I want to remind everyone of our field trip, scheduled on Thursday, February, 8th. I am excited to see how many students are pushing hard to get to 30% in their Edgenuity classes so they qualify for this trip. It’s important to remember, the courses must have passing grades! 30% completion won’t matter if the grades are failing. It is my hope that EVERY student can attend this trip, free of charge!! Students, keep working hard and families, please keep supporting your kiddos!

That’s all for this week! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!