Weekly Announcements

Jan 15, 2024

Good Evening Fam-Alee, this is Mrs. Emerick with your weekly at a glance for the week of January 15th.

This is a short week for us but there are a few very important things happening. On Wednesday, we will host Workforce Wednesday with a young lady who serves as a firefighter with Eustis Fire Department. On Thursday evening , we will hold our Annual Senior Parent Night . This event is an opportunity for parents of 12th grade students to learn about their student’s likelihood of graduating in May. This is also an opportunity for parents of some11th grade students who have been working exceptionally hard to promote to 12th grade, the status of their graduation. We will have cap & gown order forms available and will be accepting deposits for Grad Bash, the 2024 yearbook, and prom.

I know the weather is expected to be very cold Wednesday & Thursday mornings so please dress warm. Because many of you walk to bus stops and wait outside for the bus, for Wednesday and Thursday of This Week Only, students will be permitted to wear hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants. Again, this is for this Wednesday and Thursday only. Our regular school dress code will resume next Monday, January 22nd.

We have a field trip coming up on February 8th that I hope every student will be able to attend. In order to qualify, students must have a minimum percentage of their Edgenuity classes complete. The teachers will be discussing each student’s progress with them this week. This is first big trip we are going on this year. We’ll be going to the Tampa Aquarium and Fort DeSoto. This trip will be a science and history related trip. Because we have to travel to Tampa, this trip will be an extended day trip. Oh, I almost forgot! We will also be visiting the beach to gather shells and complete various ocean related activities that Mr. Clawson has planned for us. We will be doing some fundraising in hopes that the cost of this trip will be very minimal, if not totally free! More details on the fundraising and the trip itself will be made available soon, but this trip will include a lot of learning and a whole lot of fun! So students, let’s get down to business - I want to see everyone on the trip!

One last thing, I need to remind everyone of the importance of daily attendance. We are not able to experience true teaching and learning if we are absent, so please, make attending school everyday a priority for 2024!

That’s all for this week. Have a great rest of your evening!