Announcements - 10/10/2021

Oct 10, 2021

The 2nd nine week grading period begins tomorrow! Report card grades will be finalized this week and available to parents on Skyward. A and A/B Honor Roll will be announced once report cards are available. Please note, students will have an opportunity to make up work that they have missed due to absences or late enrollment. Parents and students, I urge you to speak directly with the teachers regarding missing assignments so you are following the pace for each course as set by the classroom teachers. All teacher emails are available on our website. For students in Earth Space Science, Algebra 1a, Algebra 1B, Algebra 1, and Intensive Math, your grades will be updated by Mrs. Burnett this week. It is important to know that students that CHOSE not to complete work while in class will not be permitted to make up those assignments.

This week is our first of what I hope to be several dress down opportunities this year. Students can pay $2 each day to dress down or $5.00 for the whole week! School appropriate attire is expected of course! This includes hoodies - however, the hood should NOT be worn inside the building. Students that choose to dress down are required to pay for a wristband at check in. The wristband must be worn on the wrist all day. There will be a different color each day and one for those choosing to dress down all week. Dress code violations will be handed out for students that do not have a wristband and are out of uniform. Three dress code violations equals a Friday school. I hope this will give our students a chance to express themselves if they want and if they handle it well, we can do it again! Check the LCS Student Code of Conduct for appropriate school attire.

Don’t forget about the 2022 T-Shirt Design contest that students can enter. The deadline to submit designs is Thursday, October 14th. Our staff will choose the top 3 and then the students will vote on their top choice next week. We have ALOT of very talented students so I am excited to see what we get. Designs should have our school mascot (Eagle), Alee Academy and 2022. All designs must be original. Students, please remember that your school work comes first so your designing shouldn’t be done during class time.

Finally, I want to mention that if you have not had a chance to visit our school Facebook page, please take a moment to do so. Last Thursday, we celebrated the end of the first nine weeks with a KONA DAY . It was a huge success! Students and staff all enjoyed some fresh air, fellowship, and even some dancing while they enjoyed the yummy goodness of a KONA . The smiles on everyone’s faces was priceless! I hope to have a KONA DAY at the end of every quarter but if everyone keeps working hard, we will do it once a month!

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday. See you tomorrow!