Announcements - 10/28/2019

Oct 28, 2019

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend and are getting ready for another successful week at school. I have a few announcements for the upcoming week.

Tomorrow, Monday, October 28th is National Chocolate Day! To celebrate, we invite you to represent your favorite kind of chocolate. If you love milk chocolate or dark chocolate, wear a shade of brown shirt but if you prefer white chocolate, please wear a white shirt. This is just a little fun thing we wanted to do and all who participate will get a little sweet treat!

On Tuesday, we want to recognize the victims of Domestic Violence and ask you to wear purple. This is a topic that affects many people and we want to do our part to help bring awareness.

On Wednesday, we are hosting an information session on Human Trafficking. We will have the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Lifeboat Project, and The Haven on campus beginning at 5:00 to provide those in attendance with information about Human Trafficking and how we can help put an end to it. We invite parents, students, and members of our community to attend. The event begins at 5:00 pm at Alee Academy. In honor of Human Trafficking Awareness, we are asking everyone to wear a shade of blue that day.

Thursday is Halloween and while we are tempted to wear costumes to school, costumes are prohibited. However, we encourage staff and students to wear a Halloween themed shirt and crazy Halloween socks.

Please remember that ALL dress down events must remain in compliance with Lake County dress code. This week we are approving of TOPS ONLY so bottoms should still be within Alee dress code requirements.

On Friday, many of our staff and students will be attending the Renaissance Faire. We are excited to bring this opportunity to the students at our school. Permission forms and money have already been collected and we are unable to accept any further students for the trip at this time. We will conduct regular classes for all students that are not attending the field trip. We encourage students attending the field trip to bring some money for souvenirs and food if they desire. Our buses will run as normal as the students on the field trip will return to Alee before our regular dismissal.

Have a wonderful rest of your evening. I will see you tomorrow!