Standards Assessment Report

Indicators: Vision and Purpose
In fulfillment of this standard, the school:
Not EvidentEmergingOperationalHighly Functional
1.1. Establishes a vision for the school in collaboration with its stakeholders
1.2. Communicates the vision and purpose to build stakeholder understanding and support
1.3. Identifies goals to advance the vision
1.4. Develops and continuously maintains a profile of the school, its students, and the community
1.5. Ensures that the school's vision and purpose guide the teaching and learning process
1.6. Reviews its vision and purpose systematically and revises them when appropriate
Indicators: Governance and Leadership
In fulfillment of this standard, the school operates under the jurisdiction of a governing board that:
Not EvidentEmergingOperationalHighly Functional
2.1. Establishes policies and procedures that provide for the effective operation of the school
2.2. Recognizes and preserves the executive, administrative, and leadership prerogatives of the administrative head of the school
2.3. Ensures compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws, standards, and regulations
2.4. Employs a system that provides for analysis and review of student performance and school effectiveness
2.5. Fosters a learning community
2.6. Provides teachers and students opportunities to lead
2.7. Provides stakeholders meaningful roles in the decision-making process that promote a culture of participation, responsibility, and ownership
2.8. Controls curricular and extracurricular activities that are sponsored by the school
2.9. Responds to community expectations and stakeholder satisfaction
2.10. Implements an evaluation system that provides for the professional growth of all personnel
Indicators: Teaching and Learning
In fulfillment of this standard, the school:
Not EvidentEmergingOperationalHighly Functional
3.1. Develops and implements curriculum based on clearly defined expectations for student learning
3.2. Promotes active involvement of students in the learning process, including opportunities for them to explore application of higher-order thinking skills and investigate new approaches to applying their learning
3.3. Gathers, analyzes, and uses data and research in making curricular and instructional choices
3.4. Designs and uses instructional strategies, innovations, and activities that are research-based and reflective of best practice
3.5. Offers a curriculum that challenges each student to excel, reflects a commitment to equity, and demonstrates an appreciation of diversity
3.6. Allocates and protects instructional time to support student learning
3.7. Provides for articulation and alignment between and among all levels of schools
3.8. Implements interventions to help students meet expectations for student learning
3.9. Monitors school climate and takes appropriate steps to ensure that it is conducive to student learning
3.10. Provides comprehensive information and media services that support the curricular and instructional programs
3.11. Ensures that all students and staff members have regular and ready access to instructional technology and a comprehensive materials collection that supports the curricular and instructional program
Indicators: Documenting and Using Results
In fulfillment of this standard, the school:
Not EvidentEmergingOperationalHighly Functional
4.1. Establishes performance measures for student learning that yield information that is reliable, valid, and bias free
4.2. Develops and implements a comprehensive assessment system for assessing progress toward meeting the expectations for student learning
4.3. Uses student assessment data for making decisions for continuous improvement of teaching and learning processes
4.4. Conducts a systematic analysis of instructional and organizational effectiveness and uses the results to improve student performance
4.5. Communicates the results of student performance and school effectiveness to all stakeholders
4.6. Uses comparison and trend data of student performance from comparable schools in evaluating its effectiveness
4.7. Demonstrates verifiable growth in student performance
4.8. Maintains a secure, accurate, and complete student record system in accordance with state and federal regulations
Indicators: Resource and Support Systems
In fulfillment of this standard, the school:
Not EvidentEmergingOperationalHighly Functional
5.1. Recruits, employs, and mentors qualified professional staff that are capable of fulfilling assigned roles and responsibilities
5.2. Assigns professional staff responsibilities based on their qualifications (i.e., professional preparation, ability, knowledge, and experience)
5.3. Ensures that all staff participate in a continuous program of professional development
5.4. Provides and assigns staff that are sufficient in number to meet the vision and purpose of the school
5.5. Budgets sufficient resources to support its educational programs and to implement its plans for improvement
5.6. Monitors all financial transactions through a recognized, regularly audited accounting system
5.7. Maintains the site, facilities, services, and equipment to provide an environment that is safe and orderly for all occupants
5.8. Possesses a written security and crisis management plan with appropriate training for stakeholders
5.9. Ensures that each student has access to guidance services that include, but are not limited to, counseling, appraisal, mentoring, staff consulting, referral, and educational and career planning
5.10. Provides appropriate support for students with special needs
Indicators: Stakeholder Communication and Relationships
In fulfillment of this standard, the school:
Not EvidentEmergingOperationalHighly Functional
6.1. Fosters collaboration with community stakeholders to support student learning
6.2. Has formal channels to listen to and communicate with stakeholders
6.3. Solicits the knowledge and skills of stakeholders to enhance the work of the school
6.4. Communicates the expectations for student learning and goals for improvement to all stakeholders
6.5. Provides information about students, their performance, and school effectiveness that is meaningful and useful to stakeholders
Indicators: Vision and Purpose
In fulfillment of this standard, the school:
Not EvidentEmergingOperationalHighly Functional
7.1. Engages in a continuous process of improvement that articulates the vision and purpose the school is pursuing (Vision); maintains a rich and current description of students, their performance, school effectiveness, and the school community (Profile); employs goals and interventions to improve student performance (Plan); and documents and uses the results to inform what happens next (Results)
7.2. Engages stakeholders in the processes of continuous improvement
7.3. Ensures that plans for continuous improvement are aligned with the vision and purpose of the school and expectations for student learning
7.4. Provides professional development for school personnel to help them implement improvement interventions to achieve improvement goals
7.5. Monitors and communicates the results of improvement efforts to stakeholders
7.6. Evaluates and documents the effectiveness and impact of its continuous process of improvement