School Newsletter - December 15, 2011

Alee Academy School Newsletter

December 15, 2011

Volume 1, Issue 2

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Positive Behavior Support: PBS

The PBS system implemented last year is alive and well this school year. The goal of PBS is that by making an effort to recognize the positive behaviors we would like to see in school, the unwanted behaviors overtime will decrease. Students are rewarded through a ticket system and after each progress report and grading period, students can spend the tickets they have earned in the school store. Store items include snacks, gift cards, home goods, health and beauty items, school supplies, etc. Students can also earn Eagle Bucks from teachers that observe them doing things above and beyond what is expected. At the end of each semester an auction has been planned where students can bid on larger items including electronics, gift certificates, etc. If you or someone you know is able to donate items to the school store or the auction, they would be greatly appreciated.

Parent Advisory Council

Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 6:30 pm, we will be meeting with interested parents and guardians to discuss the PBS system, End of Course exams, Accreditation, and current events happening around the school. Please plan to attend and give your input on current and future events at Alee Academy. The level of success our youth reach today will affect the lives of all of us in the coming future.

Instructional Validity: End of Course Exams (EOC)

As with anything, changes are going to happen. It seems that the world of education is routinely going through some sort of change, and charter schools are no exception. Alee Academy is a fully accredited charter high school and, as such, is held to the same high standards as the surrounding local high schools. Alee Academy, along with the rest of the state, is in the process of preparing Upcoming students for the implementation of End of Course Exams in Algebra, Geometry,

Biology, and American History. Teachers are working hard to ensure that student are not only being taught the material that will ultimately be tested, but that they are aware of the stakes of the End of Course exam. When each EOC is fully implemented, a failing grade will result in the credit for the course being withheld from the student regardless of the letter grade they earned in the actual class. Thus, the student will be short on required credits for graduation. As parents, guardians, teachers, and administrators it is our challenge to remind students of their responsibility to be in class on a daily basis, and to be on task when in attendance.

The Chickens have hatched!

Ms. Mann and the science classes have welcomed into the world 18 baby chicks. They have grown so much these last few weeks. Thanks to Mr. Alan and several students, the chickens will be moving to a newly constructed chicken coop following the Holiday Break. We look forward to working more with the chickens and teaching them to do things, not to mention the eggs that we are hoping to get from them. Keep watching, more exciting news to come in future newsletters.

Hydroponic Living Tower Garden

Just outside the science classroom windows we have three Hydroponic Living Tower Gardens full of vegetables. We hope to expand on the number of towers we have in the near future and donate the fresh vegetables to those in need.


After countless hours of work, Alee Academy became fully accredited in June 2008. Every five years we must go through a site visit by AdvancED, our accrediting firm, to renew our accredited status. Next school year will be our time to renew. We are beginning the planning now for a visit in the spring of 2013. To help us prepare and gather much needed artifacts of the work we do here at Alee, we will be asking our teachers, students, parents, guardians, and community members to take a short on-line survey sometime in February. The information gathered from the surveys will give us an idea of areas that we are excelling in and areas that we may need to devote more attention to. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to stop in and speak to Mr. Neeld or Mrs. Valentino, or call them at (352) 357-9426.