Community Service


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Community service projects are planned, organized, and voluntary efforts designed to address a problem or need in the community. To be meaningful, community service projects must address a real need or problem found within your community.

The community service project you choose should also reflect your personal interests and skills. In addition, worthwhile community service projects require an on-going commitment on your part. Additionally, all hours completed should be done at a non-for-profit agency.

A minimum of 100 hours of community service are required for graduation.

The requirement for the highest level of award from Bright Futures is 100 hours.

Examples where you can do your community services hours

The organizations and agencies listed below typically welcome volunteers. This list should help you develop ideas for community service projects. There are many other opportunities for community service. Before beginning a project, however, make an appointment with your counselor to discuss it’s suitability.

Remember that you can only get credit for work you do at non profits.

  • Charities
  • Libraries
  • City governments
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Civic organizations
  • Parks
  • Convalescent homes
  • Political organizations
  • County agencies
  • Recreation centers
  • Cultural centers
  • Religious organizations
  • Day care centers (non for profits)
  • Service organizations
  • Elementary or Middle schools
  • United Way agencies
  • Hospices

Additional Community Service Hours Log

Community Service Project Proposal