I went to Alee Academy 2018-2019 I went in as a junior and graduated a year early. I was a teen parent my daughter was only 1 month old when I started. The school was such a flexible schedule to work with not only did the allow me to do my day classes but if I was falling behind they allowed me to come in during night classes to catch up. The offered teen parent support (a teacher who would come in and check how we were doing and to see if we needed anything) it was absolutely amazing knowing I wasn't alone or being judged!! When I felt like giving up on graduating early the staff never gave up on me! They constantly pushed me and pushed me bc they saw more in me then I saw in myself at the time. If I could recommend alee to anyone struggling in a regular high school I would 100X over and over again. At the end of the day it was the best feeling knowing I made new relationships with so many great friends and teachers that I still talk to this day it's been almost 3 years since graduation and the teachers still check up on my family and I. If I could rate Alee Academy it would definitely be a 5 star review, you will leave with great memories and a second family.

Haley H

Graduated student from Alee here. Teachers are awesome, very caring and the best! Unless you care about bringing up your grades,gpa or trying to graduate on time this is the school for you. My advice is just please focus on your work and if the staff tell you to do something, just do it and stop complaining otherwise you'll be making things hard for yourself. and please understand this is not a daycare center.

Erasmo T

I went to Alee Academy my highschool years and just recently graduated from there. the faculty and staff and so sweet and caring about the students. it's more than just a school, it's a family.

Dylan S

My grandson goes there. He is doing much better than in public school.

Bonnie F

I go to this school, I give it five stars. Best high school I've been to. I fell pretty far back at Eustis High School and when I started at Alee I had a couple teachers tell me they will make sure I get a high school diploma and that a G.E.D. will not be an option for me.

Kyle B

The faculty and staff have been the best of help this year. The school is attentive and caring of what's best for their students. The security to enter the school is absolutely fabulous. Thank you Alee for a great year and we look forward to the next.

Samie S

Was 2nd in class in 2008 - truly enjoyed my time here!