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Jan 18, 2022

Teacher Zoom and Google Classroom Codes

A list of teacher Zoom and Google Classroom Codes

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Jan 17, 2022

School Closure - 1/17/2022

After much deliberation and discussion with Alee Academy's governing board, and because the health and safety of our staff and students is a top priority, we have decided the best and most responsible course of action is to close the school for the next 2 weeks.

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Jan 12, 2022

Transportation Issues - 1/13/2022

We are still unable to operate the Leesburg bus, driven by Ms. Debbi. Both Mr. Vaughn's and Ms. Claire's buses will run on their normal schedule.

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Jan 11, 2022

Transportation Issues - 1/12/2022

Mr. Vaughn and Ms. Claire will be running their regular routes in both the morning and afternoon. Unfortunately, we are still unable to run our Leesburg area bus.

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Jan 10, 2022

Transportation Issues - 1/11/2022

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Ms Claire and Ms Debbi's buses are unable to run their routes tomorrow, January 11, 2022.

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Jan 09, 2022

Late Bus - 1/10/2022

Miss Claire's bus route will be delayed by 90 minutes on 1/10/22.

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