Weekly Announcements

Sep 10, 2023

Good afternoon FAM-ALEE!

It is hard to believe that we are nearly half way through the first grading period of the school year already! We have gotten off to a great start and things are finally settling in to place.

I have a few items to remind you about. First is our dress code. Students are expected to be in dress code each day. This means, students are expected to have their Alee Academy t-shirt or long sleeve shirt on. If they choose to wear an Alee Academy sweatshirt, they are expected to have an Alee t-shirt on under it. This is to ensure they are in proper dress code should they want to take the sweatshirt off at any point in the day. Our dress code also includes that specific bottoms are worn. Students must wear either jeans, dress pants, or khakis. Shorts are also ok, however they must also be made of the same material as the pants – denim, dress pants, or khakis. Leggings, short shorts, biker shorts, or gym shorts are not permitted. I hate to see students missing class time because they are out of dress code so please, help them remember that when they received their Parent/Student handbook agreement, they agreed to follow the rules and expectations of the handbook which includes being in proper dress code everyday.

Second, parking permits must be purchased by the end of this week for student drivers. The permit is $30 and is expected to be displayed on the back window of the driver’s side of the vehicle. Drivers need to bring their driver’s license, current insurance card and vehicle’s registration. A copy of all of these will remain on file in the front office. Student drivers that do not have a parking permit after Thursday may have their vehicle towed at their expense. For security purposes, this is not negotiable.

Progress reports will be issued soon and I wanted to make sure I sent you some much needed and very helpful information pertaining to Lake County Schools’ new Student Information System, FOCUS, and information about your student’s progress report. Documents are at the bottom of this post that will offer you guidance in navigating FOCUS. This system is still very new to all of us and we have the same information you have. However, if after reading through the guide provided by the district, you are still having difficulty accessing your child’s FOCUS account or the parent portal, please reach out to us and we will try and help the best we can.

As you know, our students are using the digital curriculum software Edgenuity for some of their courses, both for initial credit and credit recovery. Our program allows students to work at their own pace with the intention of accelerating through their courses or they can follow the pacing guide that our teachers have set for each course. Every student is provided a student success plan when they enroll at Alee Academy which means that our students are at all different stages of their individual plans. This makes posting grades at designated times for every student a challenge to say the least. So, to ensure that you have the most up to date progress for your student, all primary contacts listed in FOCUS will have the email listed entered into your student’s Edgenuity account so you will receive a weekly progress report. The emailed progress reports from Edgenuity will begin next week. Please understand that your student’s grades will only be entered into FOCUS as they complete UNITS and take the TESTS and EXAMS for those units of study.

All primary contacts were sent an email through FOCUS earlier today with a little more detailed information. Please be sure to look for that if you have access to the parent portal.

This Wednesday, September 13 we will welcome our first Workforce Wednesday guest and we are all very excited to begin this program. We are hopeful that our students will learn about an occupation that will spark their interest and excite them about their future. We will welcome more Workforce Wednesday guests as often as possible this year so if you or someone you know are interested in sharing your job and sharing your journey that got you where you are, please contact me! We would love to have you!

Also included is the link for our Beginning of the year Parent Survey . We use your responses to appraise our school program and make adjustments if necessary. I am confident that when we all work together we will see positive results and have some awesome success stories to share!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!