Weekly Announcements

Feb 26, 2023

Good Evening parents, students and staff. This is Mrs. Emerick with our weekly announcements for February 26th.

Retake Testing for Biology, US History, Geometry, and Algebra 1 begins this week. All students that have taken any of these courses before and not taken the EOC to earn the credit for the course should be prepared. Students that have taken but not passed the Algebra 1 EOC, please be prepared to take this test. Earning a passing score on this test is a requirement for graduation.

On Wednesday, March 1st, our 11th Grade students will be taking the SAT at our school. This test can be used for students to meet high school graduation requirements by achieving a concordance score in Math or Reading. This test is free for 11th grade students when we give it on March 1st. Seniors that are interested in taking the SAT will need to speak with Mrs. Burnett .

On March 23, we will be offering the ASVAB test to interested juniors and seniors. This test is administered by the military as an interest survey for military careers, however, the ASVAB is a wonderful tool for those not planning to join the military because it provides information about a person’s strengths and skill set that may help them down the correct career path. Students interested in taking the ASVAB on March 23rd should see Coach Kelly or Mrs. Burnett to sign up.

We have set our prom date for Friday, April 21st from 6:00-10:00. Tickets will be going on sale, Wednesday, March 1st. Tickets can be purchased from Mrs. Emerick in the morning after check in or during lunch. We accept cash or check on campus. If you prefer to pay with a credit or debit card, visit our school store . Ticket prices are $45 each.

Parents, as part of enrollment at Alee Academy, both parents and students were given a copy of the The Parent and Student Handbook that explains the required dress code. Students are arriving at school out of dress code and have been for awhile. We have given students many, many chances to comply with the dress code to no avail. Beginning tomorrow, we will be sending students home for non-compliance of the dress code. The dress code is an Alee t-shirt and solid color denim bottoms. Showing up in leggings, sweatpants, and/or basketball shorts is non-compliance and will result in students being sent home. Please ensure your child is wearing the proper clothing when they come to school. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Chromebooks are only permitted to be taken home with permission from Mr. Kelly or Mrs. Clemence . Students that do not bring their Chromebook back to school, will be sent home. We have a few short months left of school and we need to ensure students are productive when on campus.

Parents, in your email is a student information sheet that MUST be completed ASAP. Please take a moment and complete this form. It is vital for your child to remain enrolled at Alee Academy.

Thank you for your help with both of these items. Have a great Sunday!