Weekly Announcements

Aug 28, 2022

We are getting better with students arriving to school on time. It is so very important that students are on time to school each day so they don’t miss out on their classes, especially because our teaching and learning is live and in person, not strictly using an online curriculum. Teachers are in full swing with their lessons and I love seeing so much engagement in our classrooms! I am so excited hearing from the students about how much they look forward to coming to school everyday. I have heard students beginning to use what they are learning in Spanish by having conversations with each other! Students are reporting that they finally understand Geometry! The students are talking about our new gecko and how cool it is going to be to experience the genetics lesson. There are so many other positive comments from the students that I can’t begin to share them all!

I want to remind you that students are to be in dress code every day. This is getting better but there are still a few students that have not yet purchased their school shirts. Please use the school store to make these purchases online. I am also seeing students coming to school with printed pants or shorts and leggings, joggers, and basketball style shorts. Please be sure that students are wearing only denim jeans, denim shorts, or khaki pants and shorts. The school uniform is an important step in our mission of preparing students for the world and we appreciate your cooperation.

We had a great turnout for our first blood drive of the year. Thank you to all of our students, staff, and parents that were able to donate. I personally know of 2 young people that have received blood transfusions that saved their lives so the selfless act of giving blood is very important to me and to so many others. If you weren’t able to donate this time, we will have another drive in October so please be watching for more information.

Our school is continuing to look for ways to improve our teaching and learning experience. Later this school year we will be visited by a team of professional educators that will be helping us on our improvement journey. We value the feedback of all of our stakeholders which includes our teachers, administrators, students, parents , and community members. I would appreciate you taking a few minutes of your time to complete the parent survey . The students will be taking their survey this week and the other stakeholder survey will be available on our website as well. The responses on these surveys will help guide the school leadership in making adjustments and improvements to our program. There will be other surveys available throughout the year and your feedback is very important to me and to our school. Thank you in advance for your help!