Announcements - 10/24/2021

Oct 24, 2021

I wanted to bring a few things to your attention as we enter the last week of October. We have been in school now for 11 weeks and we are still seeing students coming to school out of dress code. Please refer to the parent & student handbook that all students received when they enrolled at Alee Academy. To summarize our dress code, students are only permitted to wear Alee Academy t-shirts for their tops and solid color jeans, solid color dress pants, solid color denim shorts, or solid color cotton blend shorts like khakis. Basketball shorts and leggings are NOT permitted on regular school days. They may only be worn on dress down days. As for long sleeves shirts, sweatshirts, or jackets, these must also be solid in color. Many students are wearing hooded sweatshirts and tucking the hood inside. This has been overlooked since we began school, however, there has been ample time to purchase a non-hooded, solid color jacket or sweatshirt, so, beginning tomorrow, 10/25, hooded sweatshirts will not be allowed - tucked in or not. Pull over sweatshirts are available for purchase from the school with the school logo on it for $15.00. Solid color pull over sweatshirts without hoods are available at local stores like WalMart, Target, and Dollar General. We will be stocking a few plain sweatshirts that students can purchase for $10.00. Please note, students MUST have their Alee shirt on under any jacket or sweatshirt and long sleeve shirts must be worn under the Alee Academy t-shirt. Students that are not in compliance will be required to call for dress code appropriate clothing to be brought to school. Three dress code violations will result in a referral and work detail assigned on Friday.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I want to thank all of the students that participated in Umatilla High School’s homecoming parade last Thursday . We had a wonderful time and appreciate UHS inviting us to join them. The kids did great! To the teachers and staff that helped us, THANK YOU as well!

On Wednesday this week, we would like to ask all students to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness and wear pink shirt. We have many people, staff and students, that have been affected by breast cancer and this is a way that we can all show our support for those that have lost their battle or the warriors that continue their fight. If students would like to bring a donation any day this week, we will be sending all money collected to a local breast cancer organization.

I know that this weekend is Halloween so I invite students and staff to wear Halloween shirts and/or crazy Halloween socks on Thursday! If students and staff want to participate, we are asking for a $1.00 donation to wear either or both of these things on Thursday 10/28. This money will be added to any donations we receive for the local breast cancer awareness organization.

We are closing out October’s Attendance Bingo this week and will have the Attendance Incentive Luncheon on Monday, November 1st. I have walked through the classrooms and see a lot of kids that are eligible to participate! I hope they all make it this week so we have a large crowd for our luncheon!

As always, parents, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday evening!