Announcements - 9/19/2021

Sep 19, 2021

I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend so far! This week is going to be very exciting! On Thursday, September 23rd at 5:00, we will host our first ever Hispanic Heritage Expo! Our students and teachers have been studying the Hispanic culture in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and will have examples of what they have been working on for you to view. There will even be some authentic Hispanic food to taste! We do hope that you will join us! The event begins at 5:00. We will have our Annual Title 1 meeting following the Expo. The meeting will begin at 6pm. This is our opportunity to share with you how the federal Title 1 Grant money that Alee Academy was awarded for this year is being spent. We have a lot of great staff that we were able to bring to Alee because of these funds and their expertise is being utilized to help your children in the areas of Math and Reading. We invite you to please join us for this short meeting after you visit the expo.

We are expecting a cool front this week. I want to remind everyone of our dress code expectations. On cooler days, students are permitted to wear a jacket or sweatshirt. However, any jackets, or sweatshirts must be solid in color and cannot have a hood. Several students have been seen wearing hoodies this past week. While I appreciate their efforts to “tuck in their hoods”, hoodies are still a violation of our dress code policy that everyone signed upon enrollment. Parents, please be sure that your son or daughter is in compliance. We definitely do not want to have to call you to bring them different clothing so they can stay at school. Students MUST wear an Alee t-shirt under sweatshirts in case they choose to take the sweatshirt off. We do have sweatshirts that students can purchase. They will need to see Ms. Eiserman or Ms. Hope for an order form. The prices for these start at $15.00 and take about 2 weeks to come in once the order is placed. Students can always wear a long sleeve shirt under their Alee t-shirt, but again, please make sure these are solid in color as well.

I wanted to mention that we had a lot of good concentration when the students took the APM last week. All students will bring home their score sheets this week so parents, please be looking for them. We had a lot of students score a 3 or higher but if your child did not, please rest assured that we will be working very hard to move them to the level they need to for success in their classes and on the FSA. This is the last year for the FSA and high stakes testing per Governor DeSantis, however, we are still required to give this test this year. Students that are coming to school with the purpose of learning will do well and make the learning gains we are all hoping for! For any students that have not taken their APM due to quarantine, you will have your opportunity to take it when you return on Wednesday.

One final thing…I made the commitment to getting kids back into school and closing the learning gaps from the pandemic. I am so proud that we had a record number of kids that earned the attendance BINGO reward this past week AND am so excited to have a local restaurant partner with us for our monthly attendance luncheon on Monday October 4th. The kids that earn this reward (and their bellies) are going to be very happy! I’m not going to announce who the mystery restaurant is just yet but it fits nicely with our Hispanic Heritage celebration. Mrs. Wunsch and Ms. Moran have been hard at work to form this partnership, so please thank them if you have the chance.

I am definitely excited about this upcoming week! Have a great rest of your Sunday!