First Day Announcements

Aug 23, 2020

As we begin the 2020 school year tomorrow, I have a few reminders that will help us get off to a great start.

Please remember that students should be in dress code at all times while at school both online and in person. This consists of an Alee Academy t-shirt, and solid colored jeans or khakis. Remember that hoods are not permitted and any sweater or sweatshirt that is worn in class must be a solid color and over an Alee Academy t-shirt. This year, in light of all of the COVID-19 safety protocols, we are not permitting students to bring backpacks or purses to campus or on our buses in an effort to limit our student’s and staff’s contact with the personal belongings of students.

All students will need to have a mask, and something to write with each day. Masks will be worn on the bus, during class changes, and in classrooms where 6 feet of social distancing is not possible. Schedules were distributed at our first ever drive thru open house on Thursday. If you were not able to make it, students attending face to face classes will receive a copy of their schedule when they arrive tomorrow. For our remote learning students not able to make it to open house, you will need to check skyward for your schedule and contact the school for your email address and password so that you will be able to access google classroom.

Please visit our website (<>) to find a brief explanation of how to log into Google classroom and APEX. There, you will also find other helpful information such as a welcome video from each teacher and links to the syllabus and pacing chart for each course.

The administration, faculty, and staff of Alee Academy is dedicated to ensuring that your student’s health and safety are at the forefront of every decision we make. We will work together with our parents, guardians, and students to provide the quality education each student is seeking when they enroll at Alee. This summer has been a time of great transition and new ways of thinking and working will be required as we navigate what is to come. Remember that while we believe we have planned ahead and thought of everything, there may be a few hiccups and growing pains in these first few days of school as we work out some logistics. Our internet is in the process of being upgraded. Please bear with us the first few days as we see what our connections will be like to our remote learners and work with our providers to meet our increased demand.

School starts at 7am tomorrow. We look forward to seeing all of our students both in person and remotely.

Have a great evening and stay well.