Announcements - 8/26/2019

Aug 26, 2019

Good Evening Alee Academy Family!

We have had a great first two of weeks of school and are excited to enter into our third week of school. Things are going well and it seems that the students are also excited about being back to school. All classes have begun diving into our curriculum and the students are working very hard. We are hopeful the student motivation we are seeing right now will continue.

Each week we will take a few minutes to teach a character education lesson. These lessons are very important to help develop skills in our students that will not only improve the culture of our school but also the overall well-being of each and every Alee Academy student. This past week our teachers discussed the different character traits and what each of those traits mean. We had great participation! Congratulations to the students that were chosen by their teachers for their outstanding participation, understanding, and demonstration of good character and were selected as this week’s Student of the Week. We are looking forward to this week’s lesson on ACCOUNTABILITY.

Ms. Daniel, our School Counselor spent some time in our English classes last week. She provided each student with their Audit Sheet which shows all of the classes the student has taken and passed, what tests they have taken and which ones they still need to take, their GPAs, and the number of credits they have earned. We want everyone to be in the know so parents, please be sure to ask your student to see their audit sheet and contact the school if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment with either Ms. Daniel or myself.Thank you for helping us keep our kids safe by continuing to drop off and pick up students in the student parking lot.

We are happy to announce that we were able to collect 35 viable units of blood at our very first blood drive of the new year. We hope that you an your family & friends will join us on the next blood drive on October 16th.

One last thing, next Monday, September 2 is a student and staff holiday.

Have a great rest of your Sunday. We will see you tomorrow!