Amazing Race for Charity 2016

Mar 14, 2016

Amazing Race for Charity is Saturday, April 9, 2016 at Ferran Park in Downtown Eustis.

Here is the link to get your charity team registered and use the COMP CODE ALEE2016 to get $25 off registration.

Amazing Race for Charity

While the details of the race are kept secret until a few days before the race, we can tell you that past races have averaged between 5 and 6 miles on foot. Along the way, teams of two complete 20 challenge stations that may be as simple as solving a puzzle or reciting Miranda Rights to as difficult as building a 2-person tent or rappelling off a tower. While typical runners may take 2+ hours to complete the race, the overall winning times range from 1:30:00 to 1:40:00.

The race attracts serious competitors - marathoners, triathletes, adventure racers - and amateurs alike. Awards are given for the fastest times in several categories - male/male, male/female, female/female and parent/child - but many of the participants claim they race for the funky challenges that get thrown their way, like “Blow Putt” and “Shot in the Dark.”

At the end of the day, racers have learned a little more about the host city, enjoyed an amazing workout, participated as a team and, in some cases, worked with other teams to complete a challenge. Gathered in the park for the Finish Line Festival at the end of the race, participants and volunteers trade smiles and laughs about the day’s challenges, knowing that their wild day has also benefited worthy local charities.