First Two Days of School

Aug 11, 2022

These past 2 days have been amazing! There’s nothing better than having the school filled with kids!

We have so many incredible things planned for this year! Our science teachers will begin tending to our hydroponic gardens and learning the science behind forensics! We’re bringing different careers to the campus for the students to explore. We have field trips planned and community events to participate in. We are planning parent and family events too! The first parent / family / community event will be our Back to School Blood Drive on August 24th. Then we will host our 2nd annual spaghetti supper fundraiser on August 25th to raise money for more technology and to award scholarships at graduation!

We have a new curriculum and a really outstanding group of folks that make our Fam-Alee very special! There’s going to be a whole lot of learning going on!

It’s going to be an EPIC year for our Fam-Alee! Stay tuned!