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Alee Academy believes that all students can achieve excellence in a positive and challenging educational environment that stimulates their interest, channels their energy, and develops their ability.

What is Alee Academy?

Alee Academy was created to fill the need to educate those who do not feel successful or who fall far behind in a traditional school.

Who can attend Alee Academy?

  • Students ages 15-19 who are at-risk of or have dropped out of traditional school
  • Students who have failed a grade
  • Students with less than a 2.0 GPA
  • A student with a high truancy rate
  • Students who are not meeting the demands of their school.

Why is Alee Different?

Alee offers each student the opportunity to develop vocational skills, gain employment, and earn a high school diploma through the GED/FCAT Exit Option program.

Through partnerships with area businesses, students will have the opportunity to learn skills that will support future career moves.

Students work at their own pace.


  • Individual assessments
  • Directed academic studies at GED/FCAT Exit Option
  • Life strategies training
  • Work site experience
  • Tutoring for remediation
  • Career counseling
  • Small classes
  • Individual instruction
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Computer aided instruction
  • Self paced

Alee Academy Can Show You How to Succeed

  1. Increase your academic level.
  2. Gain employability skills.
  3. Learn to set and achieve goals.
  4. Develop self-discipline strategies.
  5. Increase self confidence.
  6. Graduate with your high school diploma through credit recovery or the GED/FCAT Exit Option
  7. Pass the FCAT

What You Need to Do

  1. Commit to attending everyday.
  2. Make the decision to be successful.

You may call or write to Alee Academy:

Alee Academy
1705 County Road 44
Eustis, Florida 32736
: (352) 357-9426
: (352) 357-8426
: Email Us