Our Program

As a public charter school, Alee Academy provides a second chance for students to complete their high school education. The program is designed within a learning environment which is very different from the traditional classroom. Through the implementation of modified teaching strategies and within reduced class sizes, the staff provides increased interaction time in a caring, positive environment, with adult role models and academic experiences which stress early and frequent success.

The curriculum is highly individualized and based upon approved curriculum frameworks and student performance standards in English, Math, Sciences, Social Studies, and selected elective classes. The curriculum is infused with study skills, employability skills, and social skills needed in the world of work.

An individualized approach is in place with varying instructional strategies and materials. Special strategies are incorporated on a daily basis to provide each student ample opportunity to be successful. Performance-based instruction is utilized to place the responsibility for completion of academics studies on the student themselves. Math and reading remediation is utilized as a means for FCAT preparation for all eligible students.

The staff members of Alee Academy are selected on the basis of several characteristics. The first and foremost important of these characteristics is empathy for all students, the willingness to teach in an alternative education setting, commitment to individualized instruction, creative and innovative teaching techniques, effective classroom management skills, as well as adaptability and ability to work with others. Staff development activities are delivered during pre/post-planning periods and throughout the throughout the school year, and during summer. These include school-based activities, seminars, conferences, summer in-service institutes, and individual study projects.